Mol, Belgium - April 13th 2012


This is Belgium in a nutshell.
I liked it here and all the small towns.


Hung out at this big ol’ tram bus hub/park. There was a live puppet show and  you know I said? YOLO.


I loved the porch at the venue, I want one for my house.
Reggie and I skated a bit while the local 13 year olds smoked cigs and watched.


Can easily say that I love John.


We were dropped off at the Brussels airport in the middle of the night after saying some goodbyes to some euro trash. JUST KIDDING they were all great people.

We had the airport to ourselves through the night so we set up camp and played some UNO.


Just had a flashback of James thrashing the bathroom, smashing his toiletries while we were brushing out teeth, haha.

UNO: Loser(John) had to get in a bag and get dragged thrown around the airport.
Cold Neil had to do 100 pushups in 20 mins.
James had to run laps around the terminals. haha… His whining made the win that much better.



In the morning the boys went off to New York to play the first date of they’re USA tour with Cold World.
I went to Canada to wait of them to travel across the country and met back up with them in Seattle on the 25th.
Later Europe, it was a time and half.


Paris, France–May 12th 2012

After saying a ton of goodbyes at the hostel and figuring out a bus to get to the airport to get my 6am flight I got to bed around 1:30am. The next thing I remember I was on the 2:45am bus to the airport. Barcelona does not sleep, the buses were still packed with people. Happened to meet someone who was eating a pint of ice cream to himself that ended up being on my flight. Every flight I packed all my gear into one carry on bag so that I didn’t have to check anything the whole trip so I had thermals, and three jackets running though the airport because I put in the wrong line. Again I did not sleep on the plane because the view from up in the sky is incredible. Took a bus into Paris and then looked at this map.   (The above picture is one of my favorite pictures from the trip.)

IMG_0713  I figured I would walk to Arc de  Triomphe then to the Eiffel tower. I got some of the best sushi I’ve ever… on the way.

Honestly did not think the tower would live up to the hype, but when I turned a corner and got my first impression, pictured below, I had an overpowering feeling come over me. Don’t know how to explain it exactly but I was in some kind of romantic awe.

I spent probably 3 hours in Parc du Champ de Mars  in pure the amazement of the tower.


Sometimes I wish I had a real camera.

Needless to say it was a long day feeling like homeless dude after no sleep. But seeing the boys was light at the end of the tunnel.


Free food for the boys.

Crepe in France with the boys, no big deal.
After the show some kid offered us a place to stay but there was a language problem and he thought that we wanted to go out and party because some said that jokingly. So we drove for about 2 hours back and forth before we got to his house. By the time everyone settled down and started to get to sleep it was around 5:00 am. I had a bus to catch on the other side of Paris at 9am so I left that apartment around 6am. So just a reminder that’s an hour each day for the last two days. I hit the streets and found an underground subway.

I had to check in at 8am and this picture was taken about 7am on the other side of town. I also had to find a printer to print out my boarding pass in that time. Was really fun reading that map and hoping from train to train. After about 5 trains and a hotel that let me print out the pass I got to the bus around 8:57. What a rush.
Probably the most exhausted I have ever been in my entire life.

Next spot Mol, Belgium.